To upgrade your trial Contestpad to a full paying subscription select the “Upgrade” button in the top left hand corner of your Administration Dashboard or select the “Upgrade” option from your site selection panel.

You will then be presented with the different package options.

Alternatively all features which are not available in the free package will have an "Upgrade" button next the feature configuration.

When the upgrade button is selected next to the feature you are looking to enable, the packages panel will only display the packages that contain that feature.

If you require more detail on what other features each package includes, click the "Click here for more details" link. This will take you to the public pricing page at

When selecting the package you can also select the subscription period. The calculated monthly subscription fee will change depending on the subscription period selected.

Important: While the calculated fee shown is always monthly when another period is selected the fee payable is for the entire period upfront. e.g. if annual is selected the fee will be the calculated monthly fee x 12.

Once the package is selected the period fee is calculated and displayed. You can then enter your Billings details:

The next step is to enter your credit card details. 

Once the details have been entered and payment authorized you can then hit "Confirm Payment".

Once payment has been processed the payment and receipt details will be displayed and an email will be sent with the payment receipt.

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