To setup your ContestPad site go to the Launchpad6 public website at

There are multiple buttons on the site to signup for a trial. It is important to note that by default the site needs to be initially setup as a trial, afterwhich you can then upgrade it to a full paying subscription.
To setup a trial you can also go straight to Both the button and link will take you to the trial signup page as below:

Once you have landed on the trial signup provide your email and password to login to your account later and you can also provide your contest site with a name.

This name will become the URL domain name to get access to your contest site.
All names need to also be unique so if a name is selected that is already taken an error will be displayed. 

You will know once you have a unique name as the system will provide a realtime lookup and let you know all is good!
Once you have selected the site name and product you can either create the trial by signing up by providing your name, email address and setting a password.

Your site will then be instantly created.

Already have an Account?

If you have previously signed up with Launchpad6 you can login from the trial area to setup another trial.

When you select login, you will be taken to the login page where you can enter your credentials you created previously or login via Facebook, Google+ or Linkedin if you used one of these social media types to create your account previously.

Once you login using your account you will be able to create your new trial. Note that only one trial can be setup at any one time. If you already have a trial setup you will be able to access your trial site directly from the page, however you will not be able to setup another Contestpad trial until the previous one has been upgraded to a full paying subscription or has been terminated.
Once the site has been created you will taken to your administration dashboard. At this time the site is live and public.

Stopping public access to your contest site

You can easily hide the site from public view until you have completed configuring your contest by going to the Site Settings (the cog next to the Upgrade Trial button) area through your Admin dashboard.

You can then scroll down to the Site Restriction area and select to either place a “under Construction” type message on the public facing page or password protect your contest site.

Getting Access to Previously created sites

To get access to your previously created Contestpad sites you can login to your site dashboard from the “Login” link on the public website.

Once you login using your previously created credentials or Facebook, Google+ or Linkedin you will be either taken directly to your site dashboard if you only have once site or you will be taken to the site selection panel where you can access any of the sites you created using that account.

By selecting any of the site panels will take you straight to Administration Dashboard for that site. You also have the option to go directly to the upgrade page for any trial sites you have.
You can also login directly to any of your site dashboards by going to the web address of your site and adding /admin to the end of it. For example: <name of site>

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