ContestPad Overview

The LaunchPad6 ContestPad solution allows you to instantly create a contest platform that can be used to promote your brand, crowd source ideas and innvotion, crowed source content or motivate and educate audiences.
The solution is full cloud hosted and is provided as a Software As A Service offering.
The platform has two main components that are used by various roles who manage or participate in the contest.

Front Facing Contest Site

The front facing site is where participants of the contest engage with your ContestPad. These participants are broken into two types:

  • General Participants

  • Entrants

General Participants interact with the contest to view entries, share entries with their friends, make comments and vote on entries. General participants are critical to engage and promote with your contest.
Entrants provide the content for your contest and provide the motivation and engaging experience necessary to make the contest a success.

ContestPad Administration Dashboard

The ContestPad Administration Dashboard is where the ContestPad platform is configured and managed. The ContestPad Administration Dashboard is leveraged by multiple types of roles.

These include:

  • Contest Owners

  • Contest Developers and Creative Designers

  • Contest moderators

  • Contest judges

Each of these roles are responsible for managing the creation and smooth management of your contest to ensure it delivers against the campaign objectives.

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