This guide focuses how to configure a Launchpad6 Contest site to support logging in via Facebook, sharing entries to Facebook and for user registered voting.


Step 1 – Log into Facebook developer

Step 2 – Creating a Facebook App

Choose an appropriate App name that will be displayed to the end-user when they try attempt to login using their Facebook credentials.

Once you have filled in all the required fields, click on Create App ID.

Step 3 – Setup a Facebook Login product

The Facebook Login product is the only product that is required by Launchpad6 platform.

Choose Web as the platform.

You will be taken through a quick start wizard, the only setting you need to worry about at this stage is to set the Site URL, where you need to add the URL of your Launchpad6 site. Example URL would be Important to include at backslash (‘/’) at the end of the URL.

Make sure you click on Save after setting the Site URL. The rest of the setup wizard steps can be skipped.

Step 4 – Facebook Login Settings

In the settings for Facebook Login need to make sure that the Client OAuth Login and Web OAuth Login are set to Yes.

In the Valid OAuth redirect URIs, add the following values, where <yoursite> is the name your Launchpad6 site. These entries are important as this is where Facebook will redirect the user after authenticating, in your case you want Facebook to redirect the user back to your Launchpad6 site.


or if you have a custom domain it should be something like

See the the following picture for an example.

Step 5 – App Settings

In the basic settings the App Domains property needs to be set to the your Launchpad6 contest site. Example would be, note that no http:// or backslash (‘/’) should be in the domain.

You will also find the App ID and App Secret on this page, which are the two pieces of information that needs to be added to your launchpad6 Site Setting; so make a copy of these values.

Click Save Changes.

Step 6 – Add the App domain in Valid OAuth redirect URIs

The App domain should be added to the Valid Oauth redirect URIs to be able to whitelist the domain and not cause any problem during white list.


If the App domain given is in App settings

Then add these entries

This is an essential step required for the proper integration of Facebook login.

Save the settings.

Step 7 – Make Facebook App public

When a new Facebook App, the App by default is in development mode and will not be work for your Launchpad6 users (unless individual users have been added testers in the App roles – see Roles in the left hand navigation).

To make integration work as expected the ‘Make <Facebook App Name> public?’ to Yes.

Step 8 – Add App ID and App Secret to Launchpad6

In the Admin Dashboard of your Contest Site navigate to Site Settings and paste in the Facebook App ID and App Secret.

— End of Configuration —

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