This guide takes you through a step by step process to change the maximum number of entries that are shown on your home page gallery.

Step 1 – Select the template you want to change

Select the “Code” on the template you want to change.

Step 2 – Select either “entries_categories_frame.view.html” or “entries_frame.view.html”

The file you want to choose depends on whether you are using categories in your gallery or not.

If categories is turned on for the home page gallery then select “entries_categories_frame.view.html”, else if categories are not used in gallery display select “entries_frame.view.html”.

Step 3 – Update $limit

Depending on which file you selected above, search for the text “{$limit = 6}”. This is illustrated below in both files:

Change the {$limit = 6} to whatever limit you are looking for e.g. {$limit=9}.

Once this is complete hit save. The gallery home page will now be updated to show the total number of entries either in total or per category.

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