ContestPad provides the ability to integrate with the Stripe payment gateway and PayPal payment gateway to accept payments with entries into your contest or submit votes for payment.

This article will explain how to connect to the PayPal payment gateway.

You can set an entry or voting fee for your contest and collect money in real time using a participants PayPal account. Note ContestPad does not store credit card details in the platform. This is done using the PCI compliant PayPal payment gateway.

Also payment is only taken based on the following:

  • The entry has uploaded successfully

  • A vote has passed voting validation and been accepted

  • The entry has been approved if moderation is turned on (please note that an entry must be accepted via the moderation queue in order for payment to be processed. It will not be processed if manually changed via the entry table).

  • If the entry has been rejected at moderation the payment will not be debited from the entrants PayPal account

  • Once payment is taken it can only be refunded via the PayPal dashboard

The payment gateway option connects to the PayPal payment service, so before you begin you will need to get an account setup on PayPal.

Once you have created a PayPal account, login to the to the Developer Dashboard :

Go to “[Your Name]“, then go to “Dashboard” in the top right corner. You will get an option to “Create App“. Select Live and then create your new app.

Give your App a name.

Then select "Create App"

You will then be presented with a Client ID and a secret key.

Copy and paste these keys into the Payment Gateway configuration area of the ContestPad dashboard.

The Payment Gateway configuration can be accessed by selecting "Manage" for the selected competition and then selecting "Settings" and "Payment Gateway". Then select PayPal option.

Enter the Client id from your PayPal App setup and the Client Secret key.

Then enter the description that will be attached to each transaction in your PayPal account to help you identify the payment. In this area you can also use the replaceable parameters for each payment including {$contest_name}, {$contest_entry_title} and {$contest_entry_id}.

Then set the currency to be used for PayPal.

IMPORTANT NOTE: PayPal integration only supports a single currency per competition. If you require multiple currency prices per competition please use the Stripe Payment Gateway.

Finally, ensure the integration is enabled using the main enabled switch.

Once this is complete a payment field may be added to the entry form and the vote form and PayPal will then be available as an option to purchase votes or submissions.

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