Once you have setup rewards placeholders, you now need to style up how you want your winners page to look and select your winners.

With every template there is a winners page which is only displayed when the winners are announced (more on this later).

The winners page is by default a very similar design to the home page. However a big difference is that it also includes a winners gallery to display your selected winners.

When the winners page is enabled it replaces the normal home page of your competition site. You can style the winners page by selecting the template, then selecting the "Winners page" and then begin styling.

Once you have styled your winners page you are then ready to select your winners.

To do this go to the "Entries" tab under the manage section for your contest. Then select the "Winner" tab.

You will then be presented with the placeholders that you setup in your Rewards configuration.

To select a winner hit the "Select" button for each reward. A list of all entries will be then displayed where you can sort by highest votes, judges scores, etc. You can also filter entries to exclude previously selected winners for this contest as well as by category and date ranges.

You can select a winning entry in two ways. One is to select the entry manually. This is used for contests based on skill e.g. (vote or judging score).

The other option is to select winners randomly. To do this just select the "Random Selection" button and a winner will be automatically and randomly selected from the filtered list.

Once an entry is selected it will be displayed in the winners section.

Continue this until all your winners are selected.

Once selected you can then turn on the winners page your styled previously by enabling the "Announce Winner" switch.

You can also automatically notify each of the winners via email by selecting the "Notify winners" checkbox. Before notifying winners be sure to style the "Winners notification" email template under the "Notifications" tab.

You can also export all selected winners into a csv file for your own records.

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