ContestPad user management provides the ability to Administrators to send a password reset email to users who are having trouble logging into their account.

This will send a special use once token link that a user can be sent via their login email address to enable them to reset their password.

To do this go to the main Users & Groups menu on the left of the dashboard.

Then select the user(s) you would like to send a reset password email to and select the Tools menu in the top right of the table.

Then select the "Send Reset Password" menu item.

A dialog box confirming the action will then be displayed. Select send and then a reset password email will be sent.

As this is a site level email to view the email that was sent to the user, go to the Global Pages & Themes menu and select the "Email Templates" menu and then select the "Email" tab to display all site level emails sent out by the system. Sort by create date to view the latest email sent.

You can then view the email sent and if required resend.

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