Each contest created in ContestPad allows you to set whether users need have an account before they can perform a specific action for a contest. This could include whether they can submit an entry or vote for entries or even comment.

There are two ways for accounts to be created. One way is for the Admin to create accounts and the other way is to allow users to register themselves to access a contest.

To set whether to allow user registration for a contest go to the settings area of the contest and enable "Allow new users to register for this contest"

Then select the group that a user is to be added to when they successfully register. In the illustrated case the user group that registered users would be added to is the groups "Entrants".

Note that if a user already has an account (maybe they were created by admin or registered for another contest but that contest had a different group) then the user must still register to access this contest. The only difference is that the user with an existing account will not need to fill in their details again. They will just need to select a Register button if they are logged in.

When a user registers to access a contest you can set whether admin need to approve the user before they will be put into the group specified.

To enable this enable "User Moderation".

When a user now goes to register to access a contest they will be put into a registration queue and the admin must approve them before they will be put into the group specified.

If the notification template "Notify Admin of new user" is enabled the administrators for the contest will be notified when a user registers for the contest. This can be used to alert admin that they need to moderate users.

To approve or reject users go to the Users & Groups menu on the left of the dashboard. The Users tab will be displayed and if users are awaiting moderation the number of users awaiting will be displayed at the top of the table.

To approve or reject users select the Moderate Users button.

A queue will be displayed for all users awaiting moderation.

Each row will contain the users email address and name. It will also include the groups the user will be added to as well as the type of Registration.

The two types of registration are:

  • New Account: Means the user is new to the system and a new account is being created.

  • Register Only: Means the user has an existing approved account however they are now registering to access the group specified.

You can now either Approve or Reject a user registration. If the user is rejected then the account is removed if the registration type is "New Account".

If the registration type is "Registration Only" and the user is rejected then the user will just not be added to the groups specified.

If the user is approved they will be added to the groups specified.

Also if the notification templates "User Approved" or "User Disapproved" are enabled in the contest level notifications tab the user will be notified that their account has been approved or rejected.

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