ContestPad has a security feature that automatically blocks IP addresses for users who have had multiple failed login attempts.

This will automatically happen after the 3rd failed login attempt and after the 3rd attempt the users IP address will be blocked for 1 hour.

This security feature is to help stop brute force login attempts to your competition.

All blocked IP addresses are accessible through the administration dashboard.

You also have the option of disabling IP address login blocking.

To disable the IP address login blocking go the the site settings for your contest in the administration dashboard.

Then scroll down until you see the "Enable Login IP Blocking" toggle switch.

To disable make sure this switch is in the "OFF" position.

If you have users who have inadvertently been blocked because they had forgotten their password you can manually unblock their IP address by going to the blocking manager. This is accessible also from the Site settings area.

Scroll down until you get to the "EMAIL / DOMAIN / IP BANNED LIST" section.

Then select the "Open Blocking Manager" button.

Select the IP Address/Range tab and you will see a list of banned IP addresses.

To remove the IP address from the list just select "Delete" and the IP Address will be unblocked.

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