Contestpad provides you the ability to whitelist email domains for users who can register to join specific groups and access contest features such as viewing a contest, submitting entries, voting, commenting and more.

As a refresher to control access to a contest capability you need to assign which user groups can access that feature. For example, in the contest settings area there are two settings called "Which groups can see the contest" and "Which groups can enter the contest" illustrated below.

In these settings you can specify which groups of users can can see or enter the contest.

For users to be put into these groups you have the option to allows users to register and automatically be placed into one of these groups through the "Allow new users to register for this contest"

Using this option you can place one or more groups users would be placed into.

Now, you may have the scenario where you have multiple groups you want users to be placed into however you want only specific users from defined email address domains to be placed into a specific group. A great example is you may want Judges to register for the contest from known email domains e.g. a school or corporate email address and only they are allowed to be added to the judges group because they get special permissions to judge entries.

So to do this you can add a whitelisted domain to your groups.

To do this go to the Users & Groups tab and then select the Groups tab.

Then select "Manage" for an existing group or add a new group using the "Add New Group" button.

Then select the "Settings" tab of the group you selected and enter the domain of the whitelisted email domain for that group.

If whitelisted domains are added (to add more than one then comma delimit) then a user's email address must be in the whitelisted domain. This provides the following restrictions:

  • If a user tries to register for a contest and the contest has a group listed in the "groups that registered users are added to when they register" with a whitelisted domain the user registration will be rejected if the user email address is not in the domain list.

  • If multiple groups are listed in the "groups that registered users are added to when they register" list the user will be accepted if the user can be added to at least one of the listed groups. However they will only be added to the groups which they are in the whitelist (or groups that do not have a whitelisted domain).

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