What is a menu label?

A menu label is the text used in the menu bar to access different pages of your contest site.

How to change the labels?

Go to the contest menu and select the contest you wish to edit by selecting the “Design” button.

Next go to the contest template you wish to edit.

Select the “Alias & Language Preferences” menu on the left and click “click here to download the csv”

After you download the CSV file open it in any supported programs. E.g., Microsoft Excel. This CSV file contains all the internal fields used by the platform for messages, menu’s, confirmation dialogs, counters, etc.

It contains 3 columns.

- Field Name : This is the internal field name used by the system and should not be changed

- Default Value : This is the default value set by the system and is available only for reference. It is not used in the csv file.

- Override Value: This is the value that the user can set to replace the default value set by the system.

Once you have the file opened up look for the override value column

Next step is to find the row you’re looking for. If you are changing a menu search for the label used in the menu. In this example we will search for the “Gallery” menu label.

After you find the row you want, you can edit the override value to whatever you need it to be.

Save the file as a UTF-8 CSV file.

After saving the CSV file you then go back to your contest and select browse on upload language file.

Once browsing your files, you now need to select the CSV file you saved previously. Once your file has uploaded select save. Your labels should now be updated to what you set in the file.

If you want to revert the changes made to your menu, edit the csv file and remove the override value you added previously.

Then replace the file uploaded to the editor with your new one.

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