What is domain blocking?

Domain blocking allows you to block logins, registrations and votes for email address’ from a specific domain. For example typing outlook.com will block any user from registering, logging in and voting using an email coming from the outlook.com.

This allows you to block emails that you believe to be fraudulent or coming from temporary email services. Alternatively, you could add a person’s full email address to block just a specific individual.

By default Launchpad6 blocks around 3500 temporary email service domains such as mailinator.com

How to enable domain blocking?

To enable domain blocking you first must go to the contest settings menu in the top right corner

In site settings you will see an area called general settings and scroll down until you find domain blocking.

When you enter the blocker menu you will have the ability to “Add Email” to the list.

I’m Once you select the add email button you will be brought to a menu with the text field to add an email domain.

Once you have inputted the email domain you wish to block you now need to turn on blocking status. Then click add.

Once this is completed any individual trying to login, register or vote using the blocked email address or domain will be denied.

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