Introduction to whitelisting email voting

Whitelisting allows the contest admin control over what email accounts can be used for voting. When inputting an email domain in the whitelist field, example: “ or” that email domain that you choose is the only email that is allowed to be used when voting.

Whitelisting is useful when you want your contest to be only voted on by a specific group or company. For example, if you may want to only allow voters from your company or school to vote on your entries. Using whitelisting you can restrict voting to specific email domains from these organisations. This is great for employee or student-based competitions.

How to setup whitelisted email voting.

When viewing your contest manage page, whitelisting can be found in the settings section under the voting schedule subsection.

After selecting “Vote Schedule”, select “add period” then “add voting period”.

When doing so you will be taken to a new menu that shows a text bar that says, “voting period name”. Scroll down until you see “voting restrictions”.

Select “user verification” then select “Email verification is required for a user’s vote to be counted”.

After selecting those two options a new field called “Whitelisted email domains” will be displayed.

Once you have access to the text field just enter any email domain into the field and submit the voting schedule to enable the changes (note that any incomplete fields can stop it from saving). You can configure to whitelist multiple domains by comma separating each domain.

Now that you have chosen your allocated email domains submit the voting period. (note that any incomplete fields can stop it from saving)

Now your voting round is ready to only accept votes from the whitelisted domains.

Whitelisted voting in action.

When a voter tries to vote and does not use an email within the whitelisted domains, the vote email will not be accepted, and a message will appear when they try to submit their vote.

Only emails with the domain listed in the whitelist domain list will be accepted.

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