The ContestPad templates include a powerful code editor so that you can edit the html and css for your contest templates.

Often it is necessary to add comments to your html or comment out sections of code. Normal HTML comment tags are <!-- ..... -->. However using these tags will still display the processed code in the html delivered to the browser.

This can be particularly problematic if you are commenting out fields that you do not want displayed in the front end. While the field value will not be displayed on the page the field value could still be displayed in the html code if the end user views the code using the browser inspection or source display options.

To ensure the code processor does not display any commented out code use the {* .... *} tags.

Any tags, text or html between these comment tags will not be processed by the ContestPad code processor and will not be delivered to the browser.

This will ensure no data or information is exposed incorrectly.

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