If the auto assign entries option is enabled for a specific judging round then this article explains how to configure auto-assignment.

After configuring the round details select the Assign Entries tab.

You will be presented with an Assignment Rule filter on the right. When this is selected the rule that will be used to assign the entries to the available round judges is displayed.

At this stage the only option is to Allocate entries based on a round robin method. The entries that will be assigned is currently limited to All entries.

When this is set and the round is started, the system will automatically select entries and allocate the entries to judges based on a round robin.

Once allocated, the started round can be viewed to see which entries were assigned to which judges.

Also any new entries that are published will also be automatically allocated based on round robin. The system will take into account the last group or judge that has an entry assigned and when a new entry is published the next group or judge will be assigned the new entry.

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