When Global Pages are enabled in the global settings the Pages and Themes menu will become visible in the right menu.

The Static Pages menu enables you to setup static pages that are accessed from the global template pages. These pages typically contain overall Site Terms and Conditions, Privacy conditions, Contact us page, etc.

These pages will be referenced from the contest site domain. For example terms and conditions will be referenced as https://<contest domain>/terms-and-conditions
These pages are edited and published exactly the same way as the contest level static pages are managed.

By default multiple pages will exist, Terms and Conditions, Privacy and Contact Us Page.

To create a new page select “Create a new Page”

You will then be presented with the HTML editor.

To setup the name (and URL link) of you page complete the text box at the top of the page.

Once this is done you can begin editing and creating your page using the HTML editor.

You must also provide the page title for your page before saving. This is under the SEO section.

To save a draft of your page use the “Save Draft” option. You can also publish your page by selecting “Publish”

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