ContestPad allows you to validate when users register to your contest to create an account.

The platform can be setup to send a validation email once a user has registered to ensure the email they have used is valid and it is the person who has that email address.

To configure this go to the Global settings (top right cog) in the dashboard and scroll down to the switch "Enable Email Validation for User Registration". Turn this on.

You can also set the Token Expiry which sets how long the validation token URL sent to the registration can be used to validate the email address until it expires.

Once setup an email will be sent to the user with a validation token for the user to select. This will then validate their email address.

You can also configure the notification template that is used to send to the user by going to the specific contest you are accepting registrations for.

Important: Users can only register against specific contests not at a global level for all contests unless they are put into a group and that group is given permission to multiple contests.

To configure the notification select "Manage" for the contest that users will be registering to and select the notification tab.

Then find the notification template "User Validation". This is the email template used to validate users email addresses for registration.
You can then edit this template. Be sure not to remove or alter the registration validation tag.

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