It is easy to import users into ContestPad.
To do this go to the Users & Groups area and from the Tools menu select "Import users"

When you select the import users menu item a dialog box will be presented.

This is where you can upload either a CSV, Excel, or ODS file with user information. A sample formatted file can be provided by selecting the "Download Sample File". This will provide a sample file and include the fields you have defined in the "User Fields" area.
When importing users you can also set the csv field "Force Password Reset " to 1. If this is set to "1" the user will be forced to reset their password after first login.

The format for the file is to include a row for the field names and then the data followed. It is important that the correct field names are used for the import to be successful. Also ensure the case is correct. The following are standard field labels to use for the first row of the csv file:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

  • Username

  • Groups

  • Password

Note that Username is no longer used by the system so can be omitted. The email address is used to login.

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