If you would like to set your own thumbnail to an entry you can add a thumbnail upload field option to your upload forms.

This allows the entrant or the administrator to set a custom thumbnail for entries. If a thumbnail is not supplied ContestPad will use the default thumbnail which will be an image taken 2s in from the video or the thumbnail of the photo (if a photo is uploaded). Custom thumbnails can also be used for other file types that don't have thumbnails based on the contents such as sound and documents.

To add custom thumbnail fields do the following:

1. Select the contest you want to add the custom thumbnail entry to and select "Manage"

2. Once selected go to settings->forms and select "Manage" for the form you want to change

3. Then select "Add Field" to add a new field to the form
4. Set the field type to "Thumbnail Upload" and fill in other fields and set the field to Active. Note: It is advised that the field should NOT be set to mandatory

5. Select Save

The thumbnail upload field will now be set to the entry. This will now allow entrants or administrators to set custom thumbnails.

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