Every entry field that is created has a set of view properties. The view properties specify whether a field will available to be displayed on various pages.

There are four places these settings can be used to display fields:

  • Public Entry Page Header : This displays the field in the header section of the Entry page under the Title.

  • Public Entry Page : This displays the field under the entry on the entry page. It is typically displayed under the social shares.

  • Moderation Page : This allows the field to be viewed (you can select from the "Columns" button) in the moderation screen in the dashboard.

  • Judging Page : This displays the field in the judging portal on the entry page (under the entry) when scoring.

Under each of the toggle switches there is also a number value that can be entered. This is used to set the maximum number of characters that will be displayed on each of the forms. This is used to ensure extra long fields do not muck up the aesthetics of your pages without having to change CSS or HTML.

Once your fields are added you can also set the style and formatting of the fields in the template editor.

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