ContestPad provides the ability to style both contest level user interfaces as well as global site pages. Contest level interfaces are specific to each individually created contest where as the Global site pages provides landing pages to access all published and previously closed contest run within your ContestPad tenancy.

Contest level pages/widgets

Every contest created within your ContestPad tenant can have its own user design. To access each inidividual contest design select the "Design" button within the contest listing page or select "Design" button from each individual contests manage area.

Global site pages

ContestPad provide the ability to create a global landing site for all contests that may have been published or previously closed.
Global site pages can be enabled from the site settings area (top right hand cog of the admin dashboard).

When the global site pages are enabled the Pages & Themes menu will appear on the left menu.

This will then enable the global site landing pages to be styled.

Designing contest level user interface

ContestPad provides the multiple options for publishing a contest to participants. 

  • Contest micro-site : This is a fully self-contained and customisable website which provides all the pages neccessary for running your campaign

  • Widgets : This enables styled contest widgets to be embedded into your own corporate website to enable a seamless integrated experience

  • Static pages : These are static html pages which can be published to provide static content such as terms and conditions, privacy conditions, about us pages, etc.

To style the contest level interfaces select the Design button for the specific contest you are wanting to style.  

From here you can style the Contest Micro-site templates, widgets or Static HTML pages.

Defining contest sub-folder

Each contest has a unique URL being the ContestPad URL followed by the contest sub-folder name : <contest URL>/<contest subfolder>
To change the sub-folder name select the top sub-folder text box and change the name to whatever you want it to be.

Note that the sub-folder name must be a valid URL name and it must be unique across all of your contests.

Template Library

The Template Library tab contains all the default templates that come with the platform. In order to setup at least one template for your contest you must select a default template and edit it.
To edit the default templates to your own specific contest design, select the Edit option for one of the templates within the Template Library tab. 

Any change to the template including Template Name or any of the settings will then save the template into the My Saved Templates area.

To preview the contest template that you have enabled select the Preview button in the top right.

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