Voting fields


This guide takes you through the steps a Site Manager needs to perform to add fields to the voting form.

Vote fields are created within Vote forms. You can create one or more forms with different vote fields. 

In order to specifically set the fields for your votes forms follow this guide.


Step 1 - Select or create a new Vote form

The management of custom entry forms is located in contest settings section.

This list of currently create forms is displayed. To create a new form select the "Add Form" button in the top right and select the "Add Vote Form" or select the manage button for the form.

The list of currently configured fields are shown on the vote fields data table, where a site manager has the ability to manage, delete and add new fields.

Table columns explained:

  • Label: Field name

  • Type: The type of field

  • Order: The position the field will be shown on the user registration form

  • Mandatory: Whether the field is required to be filled by the end-user

  • Actions: the actions that can be performed against the individual field

Note: only custom fields can be deleted, a number of standard fields are required by the platform and can not be removed by a site manager. If you require modification to the required fields, our professional services team should be able to help.

Step 2 – Add Field

Use the Add Field button to create a new field.

There are number of standard properties that need to be entered such as Label, Order and Mandatory and then use the Type property to select the field type you would like to add.

The different types may have additional properties that may need configuration. See Field Types for explanation of the additional properties.

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