Vote forms allow you to create groups of fields that can be captured when a user is voting. 

To manage or create a form you select the forms menu from the settings area for a contest.

As only one voting form can be selected to be used the default option is not used for voting forms.

To manage a form select the manage button for the form or to create a new form select the "Add Form" Button and select "Add Vote Form"

Once the Add Vote Form is selected a new form will be created with a default name. The name of the form can be changed by updating the name in the Form Name text box and then selecting "Save".

By default the form will be created with a standard email field. Note that the email field can be disabled so long as email voting is not selected in the main settings area.

You can then add, change or delete fields as required.

Assigning a voting form

To assign a voting form to capture voter details go to the General Settings page where the voting details are managed.

Select the Voting Form checkbox and then select the voting form to use.

This form will be displayed whenever a user votes. Note that a vote will not be accepted unless the mandatory fields are completed.

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