Entry forms allow you to create groups of fields that can be associated to different categories of entries. 

This could include creating different categories of entries based on their files type e.g. a photo category, video category, etc. 

Or you could decide you want to capture different fields based on categories.

To manage or create a form you select the forms menu from the settings area for a contest.

As you can have multiple entry forms one form must be designated as the default form. The default form will be used if categories do not exist or where categories have not had forms associated with them.

To manage a form select the manage button for the form or to create a new form select the "Add Form" Button and select "Add Entry Form"

Once the Add Entry Form is selected a new form will be created with a default name. The name of the form can be changed by updating the name in the Form Name text box and then selecting "Save".

By default the form will be created with a standard set of fields. All fields created by default can be disabled if not required accept for the Title, Terms and Conditions and Email fields.

You can then add, change or delete fields as required.

Assigning a form to a Category

To assign a form to a specific category, select a category from the category list (or create a new category).

Then select the form from the drop down list to assign to the category.

Also set the category as default if you want this category to be automatically selected in when the form is first loaded. This enables you to set which form to also display by default.


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