Please note the Login widget is currently not supported due to recent changes made by Apple and Google browser security. If login and registration is required please use the ContestPad templates.

The Login widget is a special widget is that it cannot be separately inserted into your web page. It is only displayed when a user needs to login to access a specific widget. For example if you contest has been set so that users must login to see access the contest then all widgets inserted in your website will have the Login Widget displayed by default until the user authenticates with their username and password.

Once a user is authenticated all widgets will display correctly (without the Login widget).

If the contest has been set that you must Login to just enter the contest then then only the Upload widget will have the Login widget displayed if the user has not authenticated into the contest.

The Login widget can also not be copied.

To edit the Login widget select Design for the specific contest and then select the Contest Widgets tab. 

Then select "Edit" to modify the look and feel of the Login widget.

The following options are then available to style your Login widget:

  • Widget Title - This is just the name of the widget to help you identify the widget from the list of all widgets.

  • Background - This is the background colour for the Login Widget

  • Text Styling - The text styling and associated settings (Typeface, Weight, Size, Colour, Background Colour*, Shadow colour) is used to set the various fonts and button styling. *Note background colour only applicable to buttons.

Once this is complete review your site and if required adjust the widget styling to fine tune to match with your site.

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