In order to use widgets or API's from your website you will need to register your website URL in the API manager.

This ensure that your contest widgets or API's cannot be accessed from anyone else's websites or applications.

In order to setup your website or URL to support widgets and API's go to the Site Settings area by clicking the cog in the top right hand corner of the dashboard.

Once the cog is selected scroll down to the API Management section.

Select the "Open API Manager" button.

You will then see a list of URL domains that have been registered to use the widgets or API's.

In order to register a new domain or URL select the "Add New API" button.

The Register API form is then displayed. This provides the following options:

  • Application Name: This is just a free text field to help describe the site or application that is leveraging the API's or widgets

  • Application Description: This is also a free text further describe in detail the use of the API or widgets

  • Application Domain: This is the domain that is being registered and that will be allowed to access the widgets and API's. Only one domain can be entered. Also just enter the domain name without any "http://" or "https://" or following slashes after the domain.

  • Application Purpose: This is a free text field to describe the purpose for the registration.

Once this is complete select "Save". Once saved you will be returned to the list of registered domains table.

To enable your API's or Widgets to be used you must copy the API Key for the domain you want to use your API's or Widget in.

To do this select "Manage" for the domain you wish to use.

You will then be displayed the form but this time the API Key will be displayed at the bottom.

Copy this key and use in the appropriate embed code for your Widgets or use for the API Token parameter for the specific API's you are using.

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