ContestPad includes the ability to easily embed contest modules directly into your website.

This is done using ContestPad Widgets. ContestPad includes 5 standard widgets:

  • Entry widget - This widget displays a single entry
  • Gallery widget - This widget displays the gallery of entries submitted
  • Login widget - This widget will display whenever you need to login to access any of the other contest widgets
  • Registration widget - This widget displays the user registration form
  • Upload widget - This widget displays the entry submission form

Widgets can be styled using the simple widget styling editor. This is done by selecting the "Edit" button.

Widgets can also be styled through the CSS  which is applied globally to widgets.
To edit the CSS select the "Edit CSS" button on the top left of the widget list table.

Widgets can be copied (except for Login widget) so that you can create multiple stylings of the same widget to insert into different places in you website.

Widgets can also be linked together. This allows for widgets to display other specific widgets when an action is performed. For example when a thumbnail is selected in a gallery widget you can select which entry widget to display and how to display it (e.g. replace the gallery widget with the entry widget or display the entry widget in a dialog window).

The login widget is a special widget that cannot be copied. It is displayed whenever in place of any widget when the contest requires a user to login to either access the contest or upload an entry. 

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