If you are looking to use information that you collect from participants who register or enter your campaigns for other marketing activities then it is important that you separately receive their consent in order to comply with privacy acts such as GDPR.

In order to do this you can create additional consent checkboxes which you can also audit so not only do you receive consent but you can also audit when and what they consented to.

In order to create a consent checkbox you go to either the Entry Fields area for entries as per below 

or you go to the user fields settings area as per below

Regardless on whether you are creating an opt-in during registration or entry submission the process is exactly the same.

First select "Add Field" and give the field a label (for example : Marketing Consent).

Next ensure the field is not set to Mandatory. This is very important as you cannot make it mandatory to accept being put into a marketing list as a prerequisite to entering a contest. To do so is a potential breach of GDPR rules.

Next ensure the field is active and you select the type "Checkbox". Also select the "Enable Tracking for this field" checkbox.

This will ensure that whenever a participant selects the checkbox and submits the time, date and link of selected conditions are captured.

Next select a value to set in the field when a participant accepts by selecting the checkbox. Also set the text that will appear next to the checkbox.

Now it is also really important that you link the text to your privacy policy which describes what information you are going to keep and how you are going to use it. This is very simple to do, just highlight the text you want to link to your privacy policy and select the link button.

You can then set the URL which links to your privacy policy. Note Launchpad6 include a sample privacy policy however this is only provided as an example and this should be reviewed and updated by your own legal team to ensure it complies with local legislation.

Once complete select Save and then the tracked consent checkbox will be added to your registration or entry form.

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