Ok, we really wish you would never have to contact us for support because our platform is so reliable and easy to use, but hey we are realists and understand that nobody is perfect.

However the best we can do is make sure it is as easy as possible to contact us in case you have any questions or experience any issues.

So we have provided a bunch of options to log support requests with us.


Launchpad6 provides chat facilities both within the administrator dashboard of the platform and also on the public website. This is used for asking general questions and also notifying us of any issues. If you have different questions or multiple issues we ask one big favour, please log each question or support request as a new conversation.

You can also search our documentation, or even request a demo from the chat window.

Dashboard chat

If you start a conversation from within the dashboard then we can automatically track who you are and identify the site you are logging the issue from. This helps us immensely in being able to help you as quickly as possible. You will also be notified by email if you are not available online when we respond to your request.

Public website chat

If you cannot get into the dashboard for some reason then you can also get access to the chat widget from the public website. This is an anonymous chat session so if you are a subscribed user make sure you include the email address you signed up with. If you are a visitor without a subscribed account then please don't hesitate to ask any questions, and also don't forget to include your email address. 

Important note: We are not one of those companies that as soon as we get your email address we will stalk you. We will only contact you regarding the inquiry.  

What about if we are not available?

If we are not available then our chat window will let you know roughly how long before we can respond and may also suggest documentation articles that may be able to help.

Feedback on closed tickets

Also once a ticket is closed we would love to hear how we did. We provide a simple way to provide feedback so please let us know.


If you like to do things the old fashion way then we are happy to accomodate that to. Email is also a great option if you cannot get into the dashboard.

You can can request support by sending us an email to help@launchpad6.com. This will automatically log a support request into our ticketing system. Please use the email account that you used when setting up the account with us as we don't accept email support requests from anyone who does not have an account.
All updates will then be sent using email.

If you don't have an account (you haven't setup a trial or have an active subscription) then you can send an email to enquiries@launchpad6.com.

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