Mandrill is an email infrastructure service offered as an add-on for MailChimp that you can use to send personalized, one-to-one e-commerce emails, or automated transactional emails.

How Does it Work?

With Mandrill, you can send emails through the SMTP integration provided by ContestPad.

After you create a Mandrill account, get your SMTP credentials on the SMTP & API Info page in your Mandrill account.

The SMTP password is any active API key for your account, not the password used to log in to Mandrill. The credentials list port 587, but any port supported by Mandrill will work, and there's no configuration change needed within Mandrill to activate one of the alternate ports.

Once you have setup your Mandrill account. Go to the ContestPad site settings area.

Then scroll down to the email configuration area. 

Set the Email service provider to SMTP and then set the following:

  • SMTP Host:

  • SMTP User name: Set this to the Mandrill username

  • SMTP Password: Set this to the active API key (not your Mandrill account password)

  • SMTP Port: Set the port to 587 or any port supported by Mandrill 

  • SMTP Encryption: Set this to SSL

Once setup all notifications will be sent via your Mandrill account which is linked to your Mailchimp account.

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