Ok, so you have signed up for a trial of Edify6 and now you want to upgrade to a fully functional Edify6 subscription. To do this is really simple.

Edify6 has multiple subscription levels based on the number of active users you want to access your platform.

First lets describe the definition of an Active User.

An Active User is a user who has registered to your Edify6 education portal and is able to access courses or lectures/classes through a product you have setup. If you have created a "Free" product and courses/lectures have been added to that product then every user who registers to your platform will be counted as an Active User. This is because every user will have access to your free content.

If you do not have any active Free products setup then only registered users who have purchased one of your paid products will be considered an Active User. 

Also each Edify6 subscription package has a storage allowance for your educational content.
In order to view the right package for you go to the profile area and select the "Upgrade" option.

Once Upgrade is selected you will then be taken to the package selection area.

Select the package you would like to purchase.

To find out the package prices and user/storage limits visit : https://www.edify6.com/pricing

Once selected the screen will provide a summary of the package details. Once ok hit next.

Enter your contact details.

Then enter your credit card details and also confirm whether you would like to turn on auto-upgrade.

The "Auto Upgrade" feature will automatically upgrade your subscription to the next level up when the number of Active Users for your current package have been exceeded.

When the platform automatically upgrades your package the amount you will be charged is prorated based on the next renewal date.

If "Auto Upgrade" is not selected then new users will not be able to purchase  products or even register, if free access products have been created, if the "Active User" count for your package has been exceeded.
In this instance the user will be notified that the platform is currently not accepting new orders or new registrations. The platform will also automatically email you to let you know that you should upgrade.

Once you have entered your credit card details select "Purchase".  Your credit card will then be debited by the amount of the selected package and the site will be automatically upgraded.

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