Edify6 allows you to signup for a 14 day free trial of the Edify6 platform. This allows you to start getting familiar with the platform before committing to a paid subscription.
The trial package has the following limits:

  • Time limit : 14 days

  • Total Active Users : 5 users

  • Total Storage : 2GB

To start an trial of Edify6 go to https://edify6.com
Then select the "SIGN UP TO A FREE TRIAL" button.

Then you will be presented with the sign up form. If you have previously created an account with Launchpad6 select the "Log in" link.

The system will also check to see that the email and domain portal names have not been used before.
Once all the items have been entered and the checkbox selected your site will be automatically setup.

Once setup you will be automatically logged into the dashboard.

You can then being configuring your Edify6 platform. See Edify6 Overview to get started.

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