In order to create a new redeem code go to the products tab and select the redeem codes sub tab.

Then select the "+" button on the top left of the redeem code table.


This determines whether the redeemer code is active or not. If a redeemer code is inactive the redeemer code cannot be used. If a redeemer code is created and then later disabled, all users have used the redeemer prior to the redeemer being disabled will not be effected.

Redeemer code name

This is just a descriptive name for the redeemer and is used for informational purposes in the dashboard only as a way to identify what the redeemer is about.

Type of redeemer

The redeemer type determines how the redeemer will behave. The different options are:
Free Access : This redeemer will provide free access to any associated products.
Discount : This will provide the specified discount % off the associated products.

Additional parameter for the Free Access and Discount redeem codes include:

  • Discount (percentage) : This is only applicable for redeemers of type discount and specifies the % discount that will be applied to the associated products.

  • Duration : This specifies whether the discount or free access will be applied only once (Once off), Forever or only for a specified number of months (Repeating).

  • Repeating duration : This is applicable only to duration types of Repeating and specifies the number of months that the redeemer will be applied for.


This specifies the quantity of redeemer codes that can be used. Once the specified number of redeemer codes have been applied to a specific product by users then the no further redeemers will be accepted for this redeem code.

Redeem periods

The redeem periods specifies the date in which the redeemer is valid from to the date that it expires.

The date is based on the timezone selected in the Site settings area under the General tab.

Redeem Code

The redeem code is the actual code that the user must enter in order to determine which products they can select and what discount they will receive. When a redeem code is entered, is validated and if it is associated to multiple products the user will presented with all the products that the redeemer provides a discount to.

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