Lecture assets allow each lecture to have their own representative thumbnail which is displayed in the gallery for each lecture, a trailer video when the lecture is selected and the banner background for the lecture page.

This allows you to ensure each lecture has its own distinctive look to represent the content that the lecture contains.

The Assets tab contains all the display assets.
To upload an asset simply select the upload button in the asset area or the "+" button.

The upload button will take you directly to the file explorer to select an asset to upload. Once you select the asset (image or video) it will begin to upload. If the asset is a video it will also begin processing as soon as uploading has completed.

You can save and exit the page only once processing has commenced. If you save and exit before the upload has completed the upload will be aborted.

If you select the "+" button this will take you to the content library.

The content library allows you to select assets that have been uploaded previously for other courses or lectures. You can also upload additional assets by selecting the "+" button from this window and uploading from the filesystem.
To select an existing asset, highlight the selected asset and hit "Select".


The Thumbnail is used to display the lecture image in the gallery. This is illustrated below.


The trailer is typically used to provide a sneak peak of the lecture or provide an overview video for the lecture. This is displayed in the lecture heading area. An example is illustrated below.

The banner art is the background image that used in the banner section. This is illustrated above with the water droplet background image.

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