The General settings tab is used for setting up general information about a lecture.

The title is the name for the lecture and is displayed on the front portal thumbnail and detail view.Lecture Date
This is the date of the lecture. By default this is set to the lecture creation date, however this can be updated to another date by the administrator.

The status field determines whether the lecture is published or disabled. If a lecture is not published it cannot be accessed.

The featured flag is used to determine whether the lecture is featured in the main banner of the lectures page.

This is the description for the lecture and is displayed in the lecture details page on the education portal.

Select Presenter
The selector presenter search box allows you to add who the presenters of the lecture are. These will be displayed on the front portal lecture page. The presenters are created under the General tab.

Once the presenter is selected press the "+" button to associate the presenter to the lecture. You can add multiple presenters to a lecture.

To remove the presenter from the lecture just select the "X" to the right of the presenter name in the "Selected Presenter" box.

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