In order to create a lecture you must have course and lecture management or site management permissions.
Go to the Course menu in the main dashboard. Here all lectures that have been previously been created under the "All" node in the courses navigation tree.

Select a course where you would like to add the Lecture or Class.

Note: you must select a leaf level course in order to add a lecture. You cannot add a lecture to a course which has sub-courses.

Once the course is selected, select the "+" button under the "Lectures in <course name>"

From here you can either select to either:

  • Create a new lecture from scratch 

  • Create a link to an existing lecture

  • Copy an existing lecture

Creating a New lecture

If you want to create a new lecture from scratch select "New lecture".
This will then create an empty lecture for you to start adding content and information to.

The lecture screen contains four main tabs:

  • General : This contains the high level description for the lecture and who the presenters are for the lecture.

  • Assets : This contains the visual display and branding for the lecture and includes the ability to apply branded thumbnails, trailer videos and banner images.

  • Attachments: This provide the ability to provide other reference information for the lecture. This would typically include reading notes, presentations, images, etc.

  • Keywords : Are reference keywords which are created under the General tab which are used to search for lectures.

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