Lectures or Classes are the core course materials that are used for students to watch and download in order to learn a specific topic or subject.

A lecture or class must be placed into a course. The course tree in the dashboard is displayed on the left hand side in the courses page.

A lecture can only exist currently in the leaf of a course (ie. the lowest level sub-course). If a lecture exists in a course you cannot add any sub-courses to that course.

When a lecture or class is created in the dashboard it will not be displayed on the education portal until it is associated with a product. A product determines whether a registered user can access to lecture to view and whether it is free or needs to be purchased in order to view.

When a lecture is accessible the lecture main asset (e.g. video) is displayed on the portal front and center.

The lecture portal will also display attachments if any added, the title and description of the lecture as well as the presenter(s) associated to the lecture.

The play position of a lecture is always saved so that if the student does not finish watching the lecture and wants to come back later the video will resume from the last play position.

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