In order to download your entries which includes video's, images, documents and all associated data, then follow these instructions.

Go to the entries tab for you contest.

Then select the entries you would like to download.

If you would like to download all entries then select the top tick-box to select all entries.

Then select the download button in the top right of the entries table.

A notification dialog box will then appear explaining that an email will be sent to the admin email address set in the settings area. Select "Start" to start the process.

The system will then process your request. This involves encrypting and compressing your entries. once this is complete an email will be sent with a link to to where you download your entries. 

Select the link and login to your Admin dashboard. You will be then be taken to the "Download Entries".

Then select the "Click Here" link and the zipped up files along with the associated data will be downloaded to your filesystem.

Note that the download link will be automatically deleted after 7 days. It is also important to note that in order to select files again for download you must delete the prepared files first. This is done by selecting the "Delete" button for the processed entries under the "Download Entries" tab.

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