Every course can contain a questionnaire that can be completed by users who have free or paid access to the course. To create or edit a questionnaire select the questionnaire tab for the selected course.

A questionnaire can contain multiple one or more questions and each question can contain one or more answers.

Whenever a questionnaire is created for a course and a user has access to that course a "Start Quiz" button will appear when a user selects that course to view. This is illustrated below.

Questionnaire Title, Description and asset

The questionnaire title, description and asset are used to describe the questionnaire before a user starts the questionnaire. This is referred to as a Quiz to the front end user.

These are displayed when the user selects "Start Quiz" button from the course or lecture. 

Attempts, Pass Rate and Allow Save and Continue

Attempts setting determines how many times a questionnaire can be attempted if not passed.
The Pass Rate is the percentage of the questions that the user must get correct in order to pass the questionnaire.
The Allow Save and Continue setting determines whether a user can stop and save where they got up to and continue later, or whether they need to complete the questionnaire in one sitting. In this case there will be no option to save the questionnaire once the user has started.


The questions section allows you to create the actual questions for your questionnaire.

This section has some high level controls.
These are illustrated below and described in display order:

  • In order to create questions select the "+" button,

  • When you have created a question you can simple duplicate it by selecting it and hitting the duplicate icon

  • To delete a question select the question and then select the "-" (delete) option,

  • The up arrow is used to order the selected question up the list

  • The down arrow is used to order the selected question down the list

When you select to create a question or select a question to edit the edit question dialog box will appear.

The Question text box is where you enter the question itself.
You can then select the type of question.

In this version of edify6 the two options are:

  • Multiple choice: Can have multiple choice answers but only one can be correct

  • Multiple choice, multiple select: Can have multiple choice answers and can have multiple correct answers

Note this will be extended in the future to support other answer types.

The Question Asset is the Asset that is displayed for that specific question. This can be a video, image or any other content type.

The Answers are created in a similar way to the questions however instead of opening another dialog box when you select the "+" icon or select the pencil icon for a selected answer you can type directly into the answer text area.

To select which answer is the correct answer select the end tick box. You can only select one correct answer unless the question type is set to "Multiple choice, multiple answer". Remember that the "tick" must be selected after editing or creating an answer.

Once completed updating the question and associated answers remember to select "Save".

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