The course general settings provides some high level configuration and description for your course.

The status field determines whether the course is published or disabled. If a course is not published it cannot be accessed,  nor can any sub-courses or lectures for that course be accessed from the education portal.

Course Name
The course name is the name for the course and is displayed on the front portal thumbnail and detail view.

This is the description for the course and is displayed in the course details page on the education portal.

This is the number of credits that this course is worth. A student will receive this number of credits whenever a student completes the course questionnaire.

Education Provider
This represents the Education provider who has supplied or sponsored or funded the course. This is used to determine the which Education provider details are supplied on the course certificate when a questionnaire is passed (assuming a questionnaire exists). Also the disclaimer details from the Education Provider are displayed when a lecture from that course is viewed or a questionnaire is started.

Featured course
This enables whether a course is displayed in the home page carousel. This is great when you add a new course and want to advertise it on the home page.

These are selected from the previously created keywords to help find the course quickly.

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