In order to start adding content for your participants to view and learn you need to create your course structure and settings.

Courses can be nested to contain sub-courses up to 4 levels deep. The structure of your courses should align with your course material structure.

An example:
Course -> Subject -> Class   

A video lecture or class can only exist in the lowest level (leaf) of the course. In the example above the lecture videos would exist at the Class level.

Course configurations contain the following:

  • Credits for the course

  • Associated Education Provider

  • Whether the course is featured on the home page

  • Course portal display assets ie. thumbnail, trailer video (course preview) and banner art

  • Associated attachments (informational content related to the course)

  • Questionnaire

Manage courses

In order to manage course select the "Courses" tab

In the COURSES menu area select the three ellipses and select the "Manage Courses" menu item.

Once selected you will be taken the the course configuration dialog. 

Whatever course is selected on the left, the corresponding configuration settings will be displayed on the right.

If any field is updated in the selected course the "Save" and "Close" buttons will appear on the bottom of the screen.

Adding a new course

To add a new course, select the level of where you would like to create the course at and select the "+" icon.

To create a new course at the same level as the selected course select "New course".

To create a sub-course to the selected course the select "New sub-course".

Once selected a new course will be created based on whether it is at the same level or as a sub-course.

You can then begin to configure your course.

Deleting a course

To delete a course simply select the course you want to delete and select the "-" icon.

A confirmation dialog will then appear confirming that you want to delete.

Warning: If you delete a parent course all sub-courses will also be deleted.

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