ContestPad allows you to add your own custom subdomains for your contest site e.g. context.<your domain>.com

To do this you need to go to the global contest settings in the top right hand corner.

The Domains section is for setting the domain name for your contest website.

In order to setup you own domain select the “Add new domain” option. This will allow you to enter your own domain.

There are three critical setup of information you need to provide to complete the configuration of your custom domain request.


Here you need to provide the sub-domain that you would like to associate with your site. Some examples are provided below:

Note: root level domains are not supported out of the box, if you have a business need to have a domain such as directly, i.e. without the sub-domain component, create a support ticket with Launchpad6 and we can help you; additional costs apply.


Go to the domain registrar, the website (e.g. GoDaddy) where you control your domains and create a new CNAME DNS entry that will point your sub-domain to the unique launchpad6 domain for your site. When you enter the subdomain most registrar's only require the subdomain name ie. the first part of the subdomain <subdomain> to be entered into the cname not the whole subdomain url.


The custom sub-domain will need to be secured using an SSL certificate so when users are accessing your site they will have confidence the site is genuine and secure. Follow the “learn more” link for details on SSL certificates and how to import these into the fields.

Save Domain Settings

Once all the required fields have been filled in you can save.On saving of the form this will create a service request for the Launchpad6 team activate your configuration. Once the SSL configuration has been configured the Launchpad6 team will notify.

After making the changes with the ISP it can typically take from an hour to almost a day to propagate the changes to all domain name servers across the net.
Once you have setup your alternative domain name you can set one of the domains as the primary.

You can then set the primary domain to be displayed in the URL window of the browser regardless on which domain name is used in the list by selecting the “Options” button.

Then turn the “Redirect secondary domains to primary domain” to on and save changes. Then any visits to any of the domains will be redirected

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