In order to create users who can administer your education site go to the "Accounts" tab.

You will then be presented with all the accounts currently in the system.
Select the "+" button. 

Enter all the details in the screen above, including the passwords for the user.

Once the account has been created select the account again from the list of just created accounts.

Once open select the security tab.

By default no admin security will be granted.
Select the admin access you would like to provide to the user.
These include:

  • Maintenance entries management : This allows the user configure items under the Maintenance tab.

  • Reporting : This will allow the user to only manage reports

  • Product Management : This will the user to setup and manage Products and Redeemers

  • Course/Lecture management : This allows the user to add and manage lectures and courses

  • Site management : This provides full access to administer the entire platform

Once you have selected the permission the user is allowed to have then select save.

For the user to get access to the dashboard select the <edify6 url>/admin

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