When you first setup your instance of edify6 you should typically start by setting up the high level site settings for the platform.

Go to the General menu and select " Site Settings"

Once you select settings you can configure the following high level settings:

  • Site Offline : Set this to "OFF" to enable the site to be accessed by general public. If it is set to "ON" only the administrator when they are logged into the administration dashboard will be able to get to the edify6 portal.

  • Site Name : This is the site name for the platform and is used for google search meta tags and also typically used for user notifications as the from email address.

  • Site Description : Is just a descriptive field for you own purposes.

  • Site Keywords : These are SEO meta tag fields to enable the site to be found in search engines.

  • Timezone : This sets the timezone to be used for the platform. It is important to set this correctly as all scheduled based activities will use this setting.

  • Domains : ┬áThis is used to customised the site to use your own registered domain name.

  • Payment gateway Stripe: This us used to connect the platform to the ┬áStripe payment gateway. The payment gateway is required in order to manage products and accounts.

  • Secret Key: See setting up Strip payment gateway to get details on how to attain.

  • Publisher Key: See setting up Strip payment gateway to get details on how to attain.

  • Merchant Name: The merchant name is used on the subscription invoices sent by the platform

  • Transaction description: This can be used to provide more detail on the Platform subscription service and is included on the invoice.

  • Password gate: This allows you to secure access to the site using a specified password

  • Referrer URL: This allows you to specify a URL that the user must come from in order to access the Education portal.

  • IP Whitelisting: This allows you set limit access to the portal to a specific range of IP Addresses

To change any setting, select the field or change the selection and then a Cancel and Save option will appear in the footer section.

To close the settings area without saving, select Cancel or select the "X" in the top right corner.

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