ContestPad supports multiple entry files to be uploaded with every entry and then display the entries as a mini entry gallery when the entry is selected like below.

To do this is very simple.

Step 1. - Add an entry upload field

By default every entry has a main upload entry option to allow the contestant to upload their primary video or image. However in order to allow additional images/videos (or in fact any other type of content), you need to add another upload field to the entry area.

Select the settings area for the contest and select the form you want to edit.

Select "Add Field".

  • Set the entry field type to "Upload" and give the field a label and add a label for the upload button.

  • Set the Field Value Visibility option for "Public Entry Page" to ON.

  • Enable the "Show this as a thumbnails" under the button label text box.

  • If you would like the entrant to be able to add multiple additional files enable the "Allow multiple file uploads"

The entry page on the public contest portal will now contain and additional field for users to upload multiple files.

The user can then upload multiple files as illustrated below:

Once the entry is uploaded and moderated (if turned on) the entry will then be displayed in the gallery with the main thumbnail being displayed.

When the entry is selected the additional images will be displayed as a mini-gallery under the main video thumbnail.

The gallery carousel can be scrolled and thumbnails selected to display in the main image viewing area. The carousel also supports finger swiping on mobile devices. 

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