Sometimes entrants need to upload multiple images, videos and other files to show off their full entry.

The ContestPad platform allows for multiple files to be added per entry and these can be displayed with the entry in a mini entry-gallery.

To do this you need to create an upload field in the field editor for the contest.

Step 1

Go to the settings area for the contest you are working on and select the forms tab.

Then select "Manage" for the form you want to modify.

Step 2

Once in the Entry Fields area select Add Field button in top right to add a new field to your entry submission form.

Step 3

You will then be presented with the form to configure your new field. 

Complete the following fields:

  • Give the field a label name

  • Set the order in which the upload additional files button is going to appear in the form. If you would like the button to be right under the main entry upload button set the order to 1.

  • Specify whether the field should be mandatory

  • Set the field to Active.

  • Set so not private (private means content will only be accessible from admin dashboard).

  • Set the Field Value Visibility option  for the Public Entry Page to ON

  • Set the Type field to Upload

  • Set the label that will appear in the upload button

  • Set the type of content you will allow for this upload field as well as the maximum file size allowed.

  • Tick the checkbox for the Show this content in the gallery under the main entry option

  • If you would like entrant the ability to add multiple additional files then tick the checkbox for Allow Multiple Uploads.

Select Save and you are done.
Now the when uploading of entries is enabled for your contest the entrant will be able to upload as many fields as required for their entry and these will display along with the main entry file.

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