ContestPad allows for groups to be created in order to assign permissions to users through the contest settings area.

By default there are some standard groups which are included in the platform.

These are as follows:

  • Guest – This is used at the backend to represent any anonymous user who performs an action on the platform and does not have an account. For example voting. Note that these users are not displayed in the user area as strictly speaking they are not known users in the system.

  • Everyone – This represents the general public entrants.  This is everyone who wants to enter your contest even if they do not need to register to enter. Every user created through the dashboard or through registration is added to the everyone group. Note that users that have entered the contest but do not have an account will belong to the group everyone however they will not be displayed in the user area.

  • Member – Every user who registers to a contest are automatically added to the Members group once they are approved (assuming user moderation is turned on). Also users who are created through the dashboard are automatically added to the member group.

  • Admin – The default Global Admin group is used as the default administrator group where users assigned to this group will have administration access to all contests and functions. By default the site owner who setup to trial is in this group.

  • Not Approved – Not currently used

Adding users to groups

It is quite simple to add users to groups.

Begin by selecting the “Groups” tab.

Then select the “Manage”. This will display the users who are in the selected group.

Then select the “Tools” menu button on the top right corner of the Group Members table and select “Add Users”.

Once selected a table of available users will be listed. You can then select the users you want to add to the group.

Then select “Accept” and the users will be added to the group.

Creating groups

ContestPad allows you to create your own groups. These can then be used to create a custom list of users that can then be assigned to different permissions within the platform.

Common use cases include:

  • Create administrators that can administer specific contests and functions

  • Create judging panels to apply to judging rounds

  • Creating custom groups to restrict access to contests

  • Creating custom groups to restrict entering contests

Creating groups just involves selecting the selecting the “Add New Group” button under the Groups tab.

Once selected just enter the Group Title

Then select “Create group” and the group will be created. After that you can then add users to the group.

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