After the judging round(s) have been setup it is now time to start judging entries. Once a judging round has started an email will be sent to all judges who have been assigned to that round.

The judge can then select the judging URL which will take the judge to the judging contest judging page where they will have to login to get access to the judging gallery.

Once the judge logs into the judging site the judge will be presented with the judging gallery to begin scoring the entries. The type of judging gallery presented will depend on the type of judging round created by the administrator.


For the rating round type judges will be presented with a gallery with five star under each thumbnail. These are for rating the entries from 1 to 5 with five being the best and 1 being the worst.

To rate the videos just hover the mouse pointer over the stars and when the star count is as per the desired rating press the left mouse button. This will automatically save the score. If the contest has multiple contest categories as per the illustration then these will be selectable on the left. This will filter the gallery list.

The judge can also select into the entry and rate from the individual entry page. This allows for the entry to be played if it is a video so that it can be rated based on the video content.

You can also move from entry to entry using the arrow buttons. Note that if finalise is selected from this view it will finalise for all entries.

You can logout and log back in again at any point and all previous ratings will be saved. However as they have not been submitted they will not be counted against the entries.

To finalise and submit the score the judge just selects the “Finalise” button. A warning will appear if the judge has not rated all videos.

The judge can still cancel at this point and go back and rate the other entries.

Once the “Finalise” button is selected again the scores are submitted against all the entries. Once submitted the judge will no longer see any entries for judging until the next round is started.


When the round is set to ranking, the judges gallery will be presented slightly differently. The ranking option allows judges to order videos from best to worst. This can be done by simply dragging and dropping the entry thumbnails in the order you would like. This type of scoring is typically only suitable for judging smaller quantities of entries.

If ranking is required and there are many entries it is advised to split up the entries in the judging setup across multiple individual judges or judges groups. Judges can also select on the entry and select the position of each entry.

Again the judge can scroll through the different entries using the arrow buttons.

The finalisation is the same as for rating.

Assessment Rating

When the round is set to Assessment Rating, the judges gallery will be presented very similar to Rating however you will need to select the entry to start scoring. The Assessment Rating option allows judges to traverse each of the entries providing ratings against each of the assessment criteria. This can be done similar to rating in which each of the criteria are judged from 1 to 5 with 1 being the lowest for each of the criteria. To select the rating remember to hit your mouse left mouse button when the rating level is hovered over and highlighted.

The rating are saved in real time as the score is selected. It is important to note that weightings are not displayed to the judges.

Judging Comments

It is also possible to capture comments from the judges for each of the scoring types.

When judging is turned on the judging portal will include a comments entry area for the judge to capture their comments.

When a comment is made and saved this is captured against the entry and judge who submitted the comment.
This will then appear in the Judging Results tab of the judging setup area of the dashboard.

This can then be exported to CSV for further review and analysis.

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