It is important that once your judging round has started that you monitor the progress of your judges as they cast their scores.

To check on the progress of the round select the “View Progress” tab. This lists all the judges that have been assigned to a round, their judging status and their % complete.

The statuses that are displayed are based on the following:

  • Not Started : The round has started however the judge has not logged in to the judging portal as yet
  • Started : The round has started however the judge has not either rated, assessed or changed the ranking of any entries
  • In Progress : The judges has started rating, ranking or assessing entries
  • Completed : The round has completed and all scoring have been completed

Additionally you can also review what percentage of the assigned entries the judge has completed rating. It is important to note that the % is only accurate for rating and rating assessment. Each entry that is rated or assessed is added to the overall % based on the number of entries that are assigned to that judge. When a ranking round is in progress it is not possible to know if the judge has accepted the ranking of each entry without moving all entries. For ranking rounds the % will be set to 100% once they have made any change to ranking or they have selected the “Finalise” button on the judging site.

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